Marty Pospischil Receives Kits House Good Neighbour Award – May 2012

This year Marty was awarded the Kits Niehgbourhood House Good Neighbour award, for both his monetary and publicity contributions to Kits House over the years!

The Good Neighbour Awards Celebration is an annual event hosted by the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia (ANHBC). ANHBC owes its 117 year history to its many volunteers, community supporters, and neighbours. The Awards offer an opportunity for staff, and volunteers to come together to celebrate and honour those who have made significant and long lasting contributions to our Neighbourhood Houses and communities in which they work and live.

It was a fun evening with many laughs and good times!

Team Marty Pospischil looks forward to supporting Kitsilano house for many years to come. As always a portion of every sale in Kitsilano goes towards supporting Kits House.

Team Marty