“Our decision to change lifestyle and downsize compelled my wife and I to put our Kitsilano home of 32 years on the market this past spring – days before the Vancouver housing market suddenly collapsed –  at a price and subsequent price reduction that fast became irrelevant. The media bombardment of ‘Vancouver’s housing-price-bubble bursting’ did not help the situation, so we had little buyer interest. Therefore, we decided to take our home off the market for the summer and try again in the fall.

TestimonialsThis time we interviewed a few realtors who work in our area and were really impressed with the presentation of Marty and Adam Pospischil, whose realtor team had a marketing plan that didn’t rely on Open House walk-ins but took precise steps to create buyer interest and generate offers. In addition, they presented us with an up-to-date analysis of the Kitsilano market and gave us selling price suggestions that seemed realistic.  We entrusted Marty, Adam, David and Myrna with the sale of our home, and in so doing definitely made the right choice.

TestimonialsThe Pospischil Team worked long hours and had almost daily showings of our home. We had 330 people through our house over a period of two months which resulted in 6 written offers. Marty worked closely with us analysing the subjects attached to each offer and team members were always present to facilitate the house inspections. All members were well versed in the different aspects of the house and could answer prospective buyers and inspectors’ questions. The Team has a sophisticated communication system with the seller so that, through the computer, we could follow every buyer’s visit as soon as it happened, read their comments and see the Team’s assessment of the possibility of a buyer writing an offer.

Through this systematic procedure of creating buyer interest we sold our house not only at the right price but to buyers who appreciated our character home.

We strongly recommend Team Pospischil to future sellers who, the way the market seems to be going for the forseeable future, will need all the help they can get. We got help; sold out house, and now can fulfull our plans.”

– Antonis P.