“I will let Val send you her thoughts, but we did speak about this quite a bit, as it was our first home buying experience (of hopefully many!), and our comments will be very similar, I’m sure… For me personally I have developed a great professional relationship, that was able to develop into a great friendship, with Marty over the last 4 years. This made the decision to work with your team very easy for me.

From the first time I brought the idea up with Marty, about Val and I buying a home, he was nothing but patient and provided me with guidance as I inquired on different aspects of the process. He spoke honestly about his feelings towards the housing market and gave me, what I felt was, honest and clear information enabling Val and I to make informed decisions about starting the process. When Marty told me that he would have us working with Marcus during the buying process, I was just as confident, simply due to my trust in Marty.

Right from the start Marcus provided us with great service, meeting us at our home, explaining all the details (working with a Realtor / etc…) and answering all of our questions. Marcus then lined up 90% of the houses we wanted to see and had the showings positioned in a way that made our viewing experience ideal (least desirable to most desirable… I personally really like that set up). After the showings Marcus was in constant communication with us as to the activity level on our “choice” houses (and stayed accessible!).

From the time we made the decision to put our first offer down… to deciding which of the two homes WE would like to have (because you had them both ready to sell at our asking price) – I felt you played all the situations extremely well and as a result we got the home that is best for us! Thank you for the time you put in and we will be in touch.”