“I have been actively engaging the services of Marty and his team for the past five years, both as a buyer and as a seller. I can honestly say, that the service that Marty and his team provide is probably the best that Vancouver has to offer. Because of the assistance Marty and his team provided, I was able to acquire two fabulous, positively cash flowing rental properties. He and his team also went above and beyond the call of duty providing me helpful information on the tenanting process and providing on-going assistance with this even after the purchase. Throughout the process, Marty and the members of his team were extremely professional and always prompt in getting back to me. Over the last few years, I also purchased my own condo with Marty and his team. They were extremely patient with me, as with this being my home, I wanted to survey an extensive amount of product before making any decisions. Marty and his team were always there and available for me. At this point, the market was heating up, so Marty’s team was able to help me position and time my offer so I was ahead of everyone else and able to secure my purchase. When I subsequently decided to sell, again, I am convinced that the price that Marty was able to negotiate was better than I could have obtained through any other Realtor®. Marty’s team went onto overdrive marketing my condo and were able to get me a price that made me a very handsome profit in a short period of time.”