Anytime your are selling your home is going to be stressful and unsettling, no matter how long you have been in the home. Finding a realtor you can trust with your intimate details, who will spend the time listening to your concerns, can be a difficult process. I had been referred to Marty and his team by a very good friend of mine, contacted the firm and was immediately relieved by the team’s response. Marty listened to my concerns, requests and emails, with utmost professionalism. He answered all my emails promptly and kept me up to date with every step of the way. On the evening of the sale, Marty and Adam were very patient when presenting the offers, and I felt comfortable as they made sure I understood every possible outcome. It was a big decision, and I relied heavily on their guidance, but never felt rushed. As an older person I would have liked more phone calls rather than emails, as I am not tied to my computer as perhaps the younger generation is. I didn’t respond as quickly as I would have with a phone call. However the “Backoffice” feature was very good for keeping track of activity with my sale, and I could refer to it many times, as I became inundated with more activity and interest on my property. They really took care of me, and for that I am grateful.

-Pamela H.