On behalf of Jack, Jean and the rest of my extended family, I would like to express my deepest thanks for the professionalism and sensitivity with which you helped sell their family home of 49 years. When you explained the system you use to sell houses to us and how easy it would be to sell not only quickly but at the highest market value possible, I have to say I thought this was just too good to be true. Not only were you true to your word, you managed to exceed every expectation I had in the process of this sale.

It is not only your knowledge of the local market and your methods of maximizing the value of this house to my extended family, it’s the sensitivity and the personal touches you provided to ease them into the next chapter in their life.  For that I really can’t thank you enough.

For people who are selling properties in the Dunbar area, whether they want to maximize the value they can realize from their house or simply want a team they can trust to act in their best interests, I would recommend they look no further than Team Marty. I don’t believe there is a better team out there than your team.


L. Kennedy