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Ride to Conquer Cancer 2018

CANCER RESEARCH Recently Adam and I attended the BC Cancer Foundation Spring Research Luncheon as guests as a result of all the fundraising support clients like you have given us over the years. Your support in Pospischil Realty Group’s annual Ride To Conquer Cancer program has raised over $340,000 since its inception in 2009. Bear in mind that I am not a doctor nor am I a scientist, but I would like to share some of the interesting things we learned. The Research Luncheon had two parts:

Research & Treatment Options
The first part discussed the success the Foundation was having with Genetic Engineering in Immunotherapy. Dr. Holt (the head scientist) discussed Car-T Therapy which will provide treatments to Canadians outside of the private pharmaceutical industry via a publicly funded initiative supported by programs like ours in which you have played an integral role. The details of the program were fascinating and shows that all your support and our thousands of kilometers of cycling are paying off in saving lives.

Cancer Prevention
The second part of the presentation spoke of the recent results of lab research using mice and how environment and diet effect cancer rates. Interestingly enough it was said that over 90% of cancers are environmental and diet related as opposed to hereditary. Of course, they found that the mice that followed the low carb and low sugar diets coupled with exercise had the lowest incidence of cancer. Some of the most interesting diet related facts in cancer prevention that I made note of were as follows:

• Sugar is the number one killer, avoid it at all costs
• Do not eat any white starches (Avoid: white bread, white rice, white potatoes)
• Do not eat grapes
• Do not eat ripe bananas but rather green bananas
• Eat fresh fruit
• Eat fish and take high quality fish oil supplements
• Olive oil and lemon is good for you in small quantities
• Eat Tofu
• Take a baby aspirin a day
• Take a Vitamin D supplement
• Go for a short walk after dinner
• Eat within a 12-hr window and stop eating 3 hours before bedtime
• Do not drink pop or packaged fruit juices (buy a Soda Stream if you like fizzy drink)

We learned some things and thought it was important to share with you. p.s. no more midnight snacks for me!

Each year the Ride to Conquer Cancer raises millions of dollars for Cancer Research and Treatment options right here in BC. Adam and I want to thank you and all our supporters over the years as we work towards more progress in the war against cancer.
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