Some of us may have been eating cold dinners by candle light after the monsoon that hit Vancouver during the last weekend in August. This was five star dining, considering the conditions under which the 10 members of Team Pospischil / Dexter were slogging it out during the 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer.


This year’s 250 km ride from Vancouver to Seattle included downed power lines, fallen trees blocking routes, detours,120 km/h winds, outhouses blowing across pit stops and tent accommodations that weren’t there because they just blew away.

Ride 2015 had its own brand of rewards: a sense of accomplishment like no other, the camaraderie that comes from having completed such a challenge, and of course the satisfaction that we, through your support as our clients, are able to make a difference in the constant battle to beat cancer.

Most importantly Team Pospischil / Dexter and our supporters contributed $35,000 to the total $8.4 million raised this year to help conquer a disease that makes Ride 2015 look like a bike ride in a summer drizzle. Worth every wet & stormy minute.

As a Team Marty Homes client, you automatically contribute to raising funds for cancer research and treatment options all year. Through you, we support this cause at every event and with ongoing donations. Thank you for being part of our team.