woman choosing paint coloursHome improvement does not have to feel like a gamble. There are many ways to fulfill simple projects around the house without the use of an expensive contractor. Doing so will save you money while still adding a discernible amount of value to your home.

To get the best closing price on your Vancouver Westside Real Estate property, consider using the following simple revamping ideas.

Yard Work

The exterior of a house can often go neglected. After living in a home for so many years, the inside becomes infinitely more important than the outside. To a buyer, the exterior is the first thing they see. They will also want to put on a good face for the neighbors as soon as they move in.

Leaving them with a ton of outdoor chores will make them feel burdened. Instead, spruce up your yard by trimming away any cluttered shrubs or undergrowth. Get rid of the majority of non-decorative plants and spread mulch or pine straw around ones you wish to showcase. You could also go an extra mile and plant some pretty flowers.

Power Wash

Once your jungle has been tamed, the outside of your house may still look a little weather-worn. You can rent a pressure washer to take care of the majority of these issues.

Power wash the exterior of your house to remove any caked-on dirt or staining. Likewise, you should power wash the front walkway and driveway to make the concrete or surfacing material look almost brand new.

Paint the Interior

Nothing brightens up a house like a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color. Odd schemes or dated wallpaper may charm some buyers, but others will simply be scratching their heads. Buyers may see this as “more work” they have to do once they move in.

By using one or two coats of a bright, clean color, your rooms will look bigger and they will also exude am air of tidiness and order. A neutral tone will also help create a “blank slate” look for buyers to begin imagining imposing their own style on the rooms.

Get a New Door Mat

Your doormat might say “Welcome” on it, but if it has taken a beating over the years it may very well communicate the opposite message. Spending a tiny amount of cash on a new doormat in this instance can make a big difference in the buyer’s impression of your house.

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