This summer we had the wonderful opportunity of making another visit and donation to the Viengping Children’s Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This orphanage is a non-profit organization mainly run by volunteers to house children that do not have a home to grow up in or parents who love them. This is a home for orphans, abandoned children, HIV infected children. Ages range from newborn to 18 years of age. The school helps about 400 children at any given point in time with 140 of them living onsite, and another 260 receiving offsite support in foster (but non-adoptive) homes in the Chiang Mai area. Every year approximately 36 children get adopted all over the world from here. My family and I have met many of them over the years. They track the children and whenever possible have contacts in those countries to visit the children in their new homes to check up on them. They do great work and the team and I are proud to be sponsors of the Viengping Children’s Home.