We will assist you in your home purchase every step of the way. Unlike the agent who lists the property, as your Buyer’s Agent we have undivided loyalty to you, protecting your negotiating position at all times. We keep any confidential negotiation position and/or strategy confidential between us. We exercise reasonable care and skill in the preparation of offers, and we account for all money and property throughout the transaction to fully protect your interests.

The good news is there is no charge to you for this service. We are paid out of the transaction through the Listing Agent. When a property is listed for sale through the Multiple Listing Service, a predetermined portion of the commission charged is set aside to pay the Buyer’s Agent. Nine out of ten homes are sold through a Buyer’s Agent.

Our system in helping you find the perfect home is simple.

Step 1 – Mortgage

When purchasing a home, the first step is to find out what range in price you can afford. In this step, we recommend you speak with our mortgage specialist, who will arrange for a pre-approval for you which will guarantee an interest rate‐hold for a period of 60 to 90 days depending on the lender. This is especially important if rates increase between now and the time you offer on a property.

Our mortgage specialist will contact you and ask you to fill out a Mortgage Application Form, which we have attached for your convenience. Once the application form is filled out it will be forwarded to a number of banks, credit unions, trusts, etc. for them to bid on your business. In a few days our specialist will contact you with the best rate available and the lending institution that is offering that rate. This rate will usually be anywhere from 0.5 to 1.0% lower than the posted mortgage rate the lending institution would have charged you if you walked in the door.

Our mortgage specialist is paid a finder’s fee by the lending institution, so once again, there is no cost to you. Most of our clients use a mortgage specialist or broker, as you will get a better rate and it saves you time shopping around for the best rate. When this step is complete we will have a pre-approved purchase price range defined as well as a guaranteed interest rate-hold.

Step 2: Home Search

The second step in the home buying process is to define what you would like to buy. Remember to be as flexible as possible with your parameters so we don’t miss any homes that are “almost” perfect.

At right is a search request questionnaire. This information will be used for immediate preparation of a computerized Home Search.

The Homes Search will include all homes that meet your parameters that are presently listed for sale. The Home Search will be emailed, faxed, mailed, or hand delivered to you for your perusal.

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Step 3: Viewing Homes

Touring the homes is the best part.

We will arrange the chosen homes for viewing in the form of a tour and we will view these homes together. We will provide you with a detailed information sheet on each home with space to make comments or ratings.

As we view each property picture whether or not it fits your fundamental needs. It is easy to become emotionally excited about a property by purely its decorating and finishing. That’s where defining the home search parameters in step two is important.

Remember to bring slip-on shoes and a pen for notes. The objective behind each tour is to shortlist the tour down to the best 2 or 3 homes or to refine our parameters for the next tour./

Step 4: Making An Offer

Before we make an offer on a home, we will prepare a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for the home that will clearly define its market value. We will review the CMA together to determine the home’s true value in today’s market.

Our objective in the offer/negotiation stage is to get you this home for below its market value. We produce all offers using a computer database of hundreds of clauses and phrases in order to properly customize the offer. We look at these clauses and phrases as safeguards to protect you in the purchase process.

Typical offers make the purchase conditional on you obtaining suitable financing, being satisfied with a detailed inspection by a professional home inspector, reviewing the title search, Property Condition Disclosure Statement, and for condos the last 24 months of Minutes of Meetings of the Council/Bylaws/Strata Plan/Financial Statements, etc.

Step 5: Subject Removal and Deposit

Several days after the accepted offer will be the subject removal date. We will walk you through all these steps during your subject period so you are comfortable prior to subject removal, and are fully informed. On the day of subject removal, the deposit is due.

Deposit: When purchasing a home buyers will be required to place a deposit on the purchase. It is common practice for the buyer to put 5% of the value of the home down as a deposit.

6: The Follow Up

We don’t disappear once we get an accepted offer. We follow through with you each step of the way from arranging financing, joining you in the property inspection, reviewing relevant documents together, streamlining the completion process, and even handing you the keys on moving day.

Better yet, we want to be your Realtor for life. We will keep in touch with you for as long as you live in your home so we can serve you again in the future.

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