The Ride to Conquer Cancer 2009


Over $6,900,000 raised by 1,701 riders

Benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation – Cancer research & treatment in BC!

An epic event June 20/21 – Vancouver to Seattle – 262km!

2009 Ride To Conquer

Well! This past weekend was nothing less than epic! On Saturday and Sunday June 20/21, I completed the two day 262km ride from Vancouver to Seattle.

Along with a bee sting under the helmet, a hail storm, and being rear ended and thrown off my bike by another rider – it was a great success!

The war wounds are apparent, the sore muscles recovering, and the pure satisfaction of doing something that will make a difference will remain for a long time.

Along with 1700 other riders, we raised $6,900,000 for cancer research and treatments here in B.C.

Once again thanks for all your support in this record breaking event! Thanks to all of you that supported me in this great cause! You are the ones that deserve all the applause!

The sons, the daughters, the mothers and fathers whose lives you have helped through this fund infusion into cancer research and treatment thank you!

Good bye and good health and happiness to you all!