Kits Neighbourhood House – Yearly Open House – Sept. 2011

We had the opportunity to sponsor another great event at Kits Neighbourhood House!

Team MartyThis last weekend Kits house held their yearly open house. This was a great event full of family games, music, and some fun with the resident clowns! It was a (much deserved) sunny Vancouver day, and a great amount of individuals, families, and children enjoyed the event. Kits house was able to showcase some of their many great programs they offer including: preschool, kids club, child minding, food security, support groups, youth and senior programs. Kits house’s mission is: At Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, our staff and volunteers are dedicated to strengthening our community through leadership, collaboration, and opportunity. Demonstrating their commitment to a better community. Kits house is a great partner with our team, as they share our thoughts that Kitsilano is one of Vancouver’s best neighborhoods.

Team Marty Team Marty Team Marty Team Marty

Kits house is always looking for volunteers and participants, all their information can be found at