The Vancouver to Seattle Ride to Conquer Cancer – June 2012

As clients of ours you are all supporters of this event by giving us the business you have over the years. A portion of the profits we earn from your business goes directly to supporting our team, this event, and into funding for groundbreaking research at the BC Cancer Agency. Accordingly, I thought it would be nice to share this great experience with you.

Over the weekend of June 16th & 17th, Adam, Malcolm, Michelle, Rudy and I rode along side 3,011 other good Samaritans to raise money for BC Cancer research and treatment options. Our team over the past 4 years has raised over $265,000 for this great cause. This year a record $11.2 million dollars was raised in this event making the ultimate goal for a cure for cancer closer than ever.

The ride runs from Cloverdale to Seattle, with a halfway overnight ‘tent city’ camp at Mount Vernon. Each day we cycled approximately 125km for a total distance of 250km.

Team MartyWe arrived at the start on Saturday morning 6am, and just like last year, it was pouring rain L. Fortunately they kept the ceremonies short so we could get started quickly. One wet stop at the border and we were ready to roll through Blaine, Birch Bay, and Bellingham. With the majority of the Chuckanut hill climb behind us our first lunch stop was welcomed by many smiles. And boy does the food taste good when you have just rode 90km.

Team MartyThe ride coordinators place pit stops every 25km along the route. In this photo Adam is sporting one of the famous waffles smothered in peanut butter that we all devoured along the route. Pit stops were stock full of fruit, Gatorade, bagels, jam, energy bars, water, etc. (not to mention a bike mechanic tent, and of course a first aid tent). All the riders were well supported and good planning is what makes this event such a success.

Welcome to ‘Tent City’ at Mount Vernon, the halfway point along the ride where we spent the night.

Team MartyTeam MartyTeam Marty

This is no ordinary camp ground as it comes loaded with cheering fans, a massage tent, cold beer on tap, wine, hot shower trucks, a general store, live music and great food (which did not run out this year!). And of course it would not have been complete without more rain (and lots of it). So much so that the camp flooded throughout. We found some extra tent poles and we designed, and built, a super-fly system that kept the pouring rain out of our tents overnight. Keeping dry, eating and rehydrating are the main focus at camp. And of course to have some fun as well!

Team MartyThe Ride constructed a ‘Drying Tent’ which quickly filled up with everyone’s soaked riding gear and clothing. Unfortunately nothing dried as the tent was not ventilated. Camp was an experience this year. But as Michelle gestures here “there is nothing we can do about the rain so lets make the best of it” – Good attitude Michelle!

Team MartyThe team and I found a helpless and shivering baby pigeon on the bridge to Mount Vernon just outside of camp. So like “Super Pets” we built a little shelter with food for our friend and saved him! (at least we hope we did?). Hah! I swear I heard a thank you ‘chirp’ as we rode by the ravine (we place him in) on the morning of day two.
Team MartyOn day two, after a great lunch at the half way point, the sun managed to come out just a couple hours before our ride into the finish line. We welcomed the warmth, and the cheers as we rode into the finish together as a team!

Team MartyTeam Marty3011 cyclists, 250km, and elevation gain of 1205m resulting in an amazing achievement of raising $11.2 million. This year, as always, was a rewarding experience for the team and of course all of those that participated. We celebrated with fresh fruit and yogurt and had some laughs, good bonding with friends and bro, and we are thankful for being able to give back to those who will benefit from the monies we raised. An adventure well worth the effort pushing us one step closer to our ultimate goal . . .

Finding a Cure for Cancer!

Thank you for all your generous donations for this cause and your support over the years just by being clients of ours!

Team Marty