Vancouver Special Children’s Christmas Party – Dec. 2012


This holiday season we were thrilled to sponsor, as well as participate in, a very special Christmas celebration for nearly 2,000 excited children.

The goal of this party is to provide an unforgettable day to children who are affected by life threatening illness, physical or intellectual challenges, domestic violence, or underprivileged circumstances.  After much success for many years throughout Australia and New Zealand, this event was brought for the first time to Vancouver.
The day was an extraordinary one.  Some children were literally trembling with excitement as they came through the doors at Canada Place.

For four fun-filled hours, children soaked everything up, not knowing where to begin!  They indulged in face painting and crafts, and those were able to raced down Pirate slides and bounded through bouncy castles.  Some chose to sit briefly to eat and listen to some live entertainment or watch magicians, while others sought out some quality time with Mickey Mouse or Snow White who were handing out hugs and treats.

And if that weren’t enough, then Santa arrived! After spending time with Santa and his elves, children collected gifts from the magical toy cave which was filled with literally thousands of toys, quite a sight to behold.

We were privileged to be a part of this incredible day that made a difference to so many very special children.  What a truly heart warming experience.
On behalf of our team:  Happy Holidays, everyone!