Adam Pospischil and I met online when I began looking for a home in Kitsilano 3 years ago.

His responsiveness and perceptiveness as to my needs and parameters was immediately apparent. When we met for the first time at my Vancouver hotel, before even going out and looking at properties he had lined up for me to see, Adam presented me with a comprehensive brochure, outlining the nuances and potential pitfalls of purchasing property in British Columbia. Also, as my property is an income property, Adam  provided me a “tool kit”  and a team  to manage it “remotely” including a list  of vetted property managers to assist me manage my units “at a distance. We reviewed it in depth before even setting off on our property tour.  It was a great reference manual for me throughout the process.

Not only is Adam the consummate professional, he is a delightful human being.  He went out of his way on my behalf. I  am a  Californian resident looking for an investment property in Canada. From the outset, Adam facilitated the process and introduced to me to a constellation of people, lawyers, notaries, inspectors, management companies, even an outfit  that could maintain the Koi pond outside  the strata units I finally purchased!  He created a time line with benchmarks and deadlines we needed to meet so everything would run smoothly. When we did run into some delays and glitches on my side. Adam “rolled with it” maintained his optimism and equanimity. He bent over backwards to be of help in any way he could…seven days a week!

And that’s not all, the deal is now closed. Adam touched base to make himself available should I need assistance with  any “loose ends.”  My property is an income property and Adam has provided me the “tool kit” and a list of property managers to assist me in vetting tenants and rent out and maintain the units on my behalf.

Adam pulled this all off  this without being intrusive or pushy. Dexter and Associates is lucky to have him on board and I was lucky to have had him as my buyer’s broker.

All true. THANK YOU.

-Drue W.