The pace of scientific discovery in cancer has never been faster, and new innovative therapies and precision medicine are dramatically impacting the lives of patients and their families across the province. All of this is possible because of the generous support and donations made to BC Cancer by clients like you to our annual Ride to Conquer Cancer.
Last year was a record-breaking year according to President and CEO, Sarah Roth, of BC Cancer Foundation. “$63.7 million dollars was raised to support research and care at BC Cancer thanks to our passionate community of donors!”  
We both know firsthand, that every dollar counts in making a difference for those who are living with this disease and those who love them. Maybe we can break that record again in 2020 and raise these numbers to further the advancement of detecting and treating cancer.  It is because of the donations made that the landscape of treatment within BC has been tremendous ensuring that patients have access to new trials, the latest drugs and treatment options.
Your support allows access to treatment by a larger number of participants and breakthroughs with personalized cancer care with genome decoding and understanding cell evolution and unlocking the answers to questions of the origins of cancer and why they evolve and why they are resistant to drugs and why they metastasize.  This research is a key pathway to cancer prevention and understanding the root environmental causes of the disease.
Adam and I, together with the rest of the Pospischil Realty Group, are extremely grateful for your generosity and continued support.  It is our hope that with your generosity and continued support we will eradicate this disease.
You can donate to our 2020 Ride To Conquer Cancer now by simply by clicking on the “Donate/Join” button at the top of the main page.
We believe the cure is possible and close, be a part of it!