Fall pumpkins

While summer sales are usually as hot as the weather, plenty of homes sell during the fall too. If you have a house to sell in the Shaughnessy real estate market, there are many steps you can take to help encourage a fall sale. All it takes is some diligence and a bit of festive creativity.

Craft a Subtle Fall Theme

There are plenty of reasons to get into the fall spirit; Halloween is just around the corner, and Thanksgiving is not long behind.

Use these festivities to your advantage. Craft a tasteful color scheme with earthy reds and oranges using curtains or table cloths. Use a decorative gourd or two on a table in the foyer or near the entrance. Even one or two subtle Halloween decorations can help contribute to the theme.

The trick is to get the idea across without beating people over the head with it. A subtle reminder of fun times to be had will create an association of warmth and comfort to buyers.

Get Your Yard in Ship Shape

Fall is a time of year when lawns and plants tend to not look their best. The only unequivocally beautiful aspect – the gorgeous leaves – can end up looking not quite so beautiful when littering your entire lawn.

Keep the lawn clear of leaves and try to remove any dead plants. Replace struggling vegetation with something cheerier. Mums and marigolds tend to stay healthy in the autumn. They also come in bright, happy colors. A pumpkin or two on the porch can also add a touch of color without being too overwhelming.

Make Your House Look and Feel Warm

Ensure that your furnace is working properly and that there are no drafts near doors or windows. You want your home to maintain a warm temperature without hot and cool spots. If you have newer ceiling fans, you can switch their direction to help better circulate any heated air.

Also consider buying some cozy-looking throws or blankets to drape over the couch back, toss on the bed or fold up and place in a chair. A couple of blankets scattered throughout the house will help communicate the idea of warmth and comfort.

Keep Light Levels Warm, Too

Fall spells the shortening of daylight hours. Give windows a good cleaning and make sure that lamps can project a soft, warming light both across the room and out a nearby window. Buyers should be able to see clearly, even if they visit as the sun is setting.

Another related tip is to be ready to show at any time. Buyers will want to visit before the daylight is over, which can mean abrupt house calls after work. Keep the yard and house looking good and always be prepared to show.

A qualified seller’s agent can also help you show your house and work on seasonal staging and curb appeal. To see what a member of our team can do for you, take a look at our selling page.