As many of you know, after 26 years of selling homes, just over one year ago Adam and I formed Pospischil Realty Group. We have just, this past month, had our one year anniversary for the birth of the new company. As our clients you already know how much we love real estate and working with all of you, your family, and friends and honestly Pospischil Realty Group since its inception has allowed us free reign on making the experience even more enjoyable. Our goal in this transformation into an independent brokerage was to allow our quickly growing company to:

1. Provide an even higher level of service to our clients by creating a cutting edge corporate office utilizing the latest in technology allowing us to implement innovative new marketing systems for your home and better systems for finding your new home.
2. Have complete control over all facets of our company from the design of our signs to what wine to serve you at offer presentations. 🙂
3. Allow our service area to expand by bringing onboard a very select few highly specialized professionals servicing areas outside of Vancouver.
4. Further enhance the overall buying and selling experience to a level of efficiency and comfort unmatched in our industry.
5. Ultimately allow Pospischil Realty Group to become a household name in real estate in Vancouver.

We are very excited to announce that our new permanent home is already under construction and will be ready for opening in early 2019. The new home / head office of Pospischil Realty Group will be at 1638 W 1st Ave in Kitsilano. We will keep you posted on our progress and hope to see you all at the Office Warming Opening Party next year.