How Fundraising Dollars are Changing Lives

When Doug Nelson, the President and CEO of the BC Cancer Foundation, gave our team a guided tour of the cancer research facilities, we were honoured to receive some first-hand knowledge regarding how the money we raise in the annual Ride to Conquer Cancer is put to use.

We met some of the world’s top researchers who not only provided in depth information about their current projects but they personally answered our many questions.

Agency scientists were working side-by-side with their clinical colleagues, an approach that has helped BC experience the lowest cancer incidence rates and mortality rates in Canada.

We learned that the research facility that we toured represents an amazing $3.5 billion in health care.  Specifically, a portion of the monies raised from last year’s Ride to Conquer Cancer facilitated the purchase of a state-of-the-art PET/CT scanner which allows clinicians to locate cancer cells anywhere in the body.  This purchase, along with an upgrade to their existing scanner, has resulted in reduced wait times and the number of patients able to receive these life-saving scans has more than doubled.

  • Since survival rates are increasing
  • Discoveries are being made every day
  • Many new programs are being introduced and funded to help support patients after their treatment!

Your donations are making a difference!!  Once again, our team is participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer this June and we need your support.

No matter how small, we appreciate your donations.  Numbers add up if we all do even a little towards this great cause.  Please click on the link below to make a tax deductible donation towards a member of our team so we can reach our goal:

Thank you for your support!