I can’t imagine there exists a better real-estate team in Vancouver than that of Marty Pospischil.

Coming as a novice to sell my Vancouver home I found their awareness of the current market, and the location of my house in the market truly enlightening. They grounded my fantasies and clarified reality. Their detailed comparison with similar properties helped me focus toward a just and effective listing price. All along the way they were there with detailed advice when I felt unsure of the next step. Their ‘staging team’ was efficient in making my property look its best and their photographer revealed my house to be  ‘the palace’ I believe it to be.

The breadth of their contact net was amazing for it brought hundreds of interested parties to the days of Open House. These they held diligently, leaving the house in perfect condition, then reported back to me afterwards. Most crucially Marty’s support and guidance through the final sale negotiations was very helpful.

In this single week of condensed and potent selling process there was not one misstep. Marty Pospischil and his team are, in the best sense, true professionals.  From this corner I award them 10 out of 10!

-Ron W.