Hi Adam, I’ve been in my new home for a week now and thought it time that I gave you an update. I want to let you know how very happy I am here, and how much I love both the condo and the neighborhood. Thanks again for all your efforts in helping me with my search and I know it might have tried your patience at times (any way it should have we looked and looked, didn’t we?) but the wait was definitely worth it. This place checks off all my boxes of “must have’s” and then some. It’s been a challenge unpacking moving boxes in this heat and I’m not done yet. Although I’m not finished, it’s looking very much like home and I’m enjoying putting my touch on things. The great thing is, that the building and finishes are of such quality that it won’t take much in the way of furnishings and accessories to top things off. My condo is modern and bright and the area is just what I was looking for in terms of coffee shops, parks, theater and restaurants. All within easy walking distance. This move has given me a new lease on life!
Anyway, my thanks once again Adam, for your huge part in finding me my dream home.

-Margery H.