Vancouver Westside Real Estate Gardening Tips

Do you find your garden suffering from the sweltering heat in Vancouver? Good preparation is critical for your garden to survive the heated days. Keeping your gardens in good shape not only allows you to enjoy them more during the summer holidays but also makes your property look more presentable to potential buyers should you happen to be selling.

Tip 1: Save leftover tea/coffee grounds

Acid-loving plants thrive on acidity-filled soil, and you can easily provide an acidic environment to your precious green ones by using leftover tea and coffee grounds. Plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, gardenias would grow even more beautiful should you care enough to save up your leftover grounds for them. A light, monthly sprinkling about one-quarter of an inch to the soil should keep the pH good enough for your little pretties.

Tip 2: Cool the plant pots

Potted plants are especially susceptible to overheating due to the insulation. If possible, position them in shades or at least move them out of the sun during peak hours (10 am to 2 pm). Avoid standing potted plants in water sources to avoid root rot and mosquito breeding. Instead, stand them in sand-filled saucers and keep the sand moist. This will help ensure the roots stay cool, resulting in healthy plants.

Tip 3: Maintain the lawn

It is very common for people to cut the lawns too low, leading to brown, bare, weed-infested lawns that are not only unsightly for you and your neighbors but also make your property unattractive to potential buyers. Cutting lawns low is an ineffective way to reduce cutting frequency. Instead, mow lawns as high as your mower permits and water them once a day before the sun is out or after the sun is down. Apply compost heaps, seaweed tonic, or manure about once a mouth as treats to keep your lawn long, lush, and happy to greet guests.

Tip 4: Take special care of budding plants

If you have any budding plants in your garden, pay special attention to them as they may be in danger of losing their buds and flowers due to the drying heat. Water deeply and mulch once or twice a week during the summer months to prevent this problem from ever happening and ruining the appearance of your precious garden.

Tip 5: Patrol for pests

Keep a close eye over your garden so you can quickly take action before pests get out of control. Watch out for mildews and signs of rotting leaves. If you use pepper wax or other forms of pest control, make sure to be diligent and keep applying them regularly throughout the summer months. Also, protect outdoor wood furniture by treating them, thereby preventing decay and making them impenetrable to wood-biting pests.

There are many activities you can enjoy in your garden other than the list of chores stated above, but if you follow the tips diligently, you will find yourself with a garden pleasing to the eyes of potential buyers viewing your property. For professional help on how to make your listing more attractive, be sure to contact your Vancouver Westside real estate specialists, Team Marty Pospichil.

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