Even in my 11th and Adam’s 10th year of fundraising for this event, the riders that participate in the event, and how they got to be there is always the most inspirational part.

At camp, Adam and I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah and her mom and sister. We sat across from them at dinner and heard her story. Sarah is a young lady, and is a dancer and a rower. She has just recently undergone two major brain surgeries for cancer treatment, resulting in a 75% loss of vision, and is still in treatment. Sarah rode alongside her mom and sister for the full 230 km! She did this while she battles the disease because she believes in the fight, and has a passion to help others with this disease.

She was so humble, kind, and happy to be participating in the event, and to share her story with us. Adam and I were so touched by her story that we sat teary-eyed and in awe at this young lady’s resilience and determination.

We asked her if we can share her story, as it’s a true beautiful picture of what this event means. If we had half the courage and a fraction of her determination, just think of what we could all accomplish united against this relentless and life changing disease.

If Sarah can do this grueling event after what she has gone through, then don’t we owe it to her and the thousands of other patients now undergoing treatments to support them and the growing alliance to beat this disease!

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