This past weekend Adam and I once again had the pleasure of participating in the annual Ride To Conquer Cancer.  Over two days we rode from Vancouver to Hope covering 230 km of gorgeous landscape.  The new route to Hope is beautiful and winds through quaint country roads, farms, and cute townships.  It winds from Cloverdale through Abbotsford to Chilliwack where our overnight camp was situated.  Then the next day we crossed over the Fraser River into Agassiz, and onto our final destination in Hope.  Overnight accommodations were tiny two-man tents which certainly do the job, as long as you are shorter than 6′ and enjoy a firm sleeping surface.  Over 1100 tents filled a field of tired cyclists, we were in the blue tent hahaha (see back side picture).  Of course, the ride organizers shipped our mats and sleeping bags to camp for us, thankfully we didn’t need to carry those on our bikes.

Our bikes are stored in a gigantic orange barn, and the fairway at camp is filled with food stops, freebie souvenirs from Ride sponsors, a massage tent (if you get there early enough to sign up), loads of snacks including fresh tomatoes & cucumbers, apples and oranges, and pretty well any refreshment known to man from Pellegrino’s to chilled wines.

The new caterer at camp (Peake Catering) had some great food this year from fabulous Quinoa salads, to Tofu Stir-fry, and tables of desserts.  Red Truck Brewing once again supplied the riders with cold lagers and summer ales to quench their thirst at the overnight camp.

Our sincere thanks to all of you that generously supported our fundraising efforts over the past 12 months!  Because of you, I am proud to announce, Pospischil Realty Group has now raised over $340,000 in total over the past 11 years of The Ride.  This year along with 2200 other riders, we helped raise $9.1 million towards cancer research and treatment options right here in BC.  Over the past 11 years the Ride To Conquer Cancer has raised $105.1 million for the BC Cancer Foundation. The monies raised by your donations over the years has led to dozens of breakthroughs in the ongoing battle with cancer and allows BC to lead the world in research and treatments.

As a cancer survivor myself I know the challenges cancer patients and their families face in their journey through diagnoses, treatments, and the roller coaster of emotions towards the finish line.  Our annual ride reminds me personally of my past challenges and enables me, and those that joined us through their support, to help push the boundaries of research and treatments to help those on the journey today, and in the future.  And perhaps one day we can celebrate a victory in a cure to cancer.

If you would like to support us in next year’s 2020 Ride To Conquer Cancer, we have just setup our donations link on our home page and welcome any online donations.  Every dollar makes a difference!  Please go the link on our home page and support this great cause.