Adam and Marty Ride Bicycle Challenge to raise money, and awareness for cancer research.

Both Adam and Marty are joining Rudy this November for the continuation of his Around the World ‘Thirty4Three’ Bicycle Challenge to raise money, and awareness for cancer research. Rudy is just over half way riding a total of 18,000KM around the world! Here is what Rudy has said about his ride: “My aim is to make a difference, to share my story, inspire the many and raise money for cancer research. This journey is not so much for fundraising as it is to draw people around the world together to finally end a disease that effects one in three of us. I hope to do this by inspiring others to do the similar events, promote awareness of these diseases and start ongoing events in places I visit. I am very happy to say that so far this has been successful.”

Clients can help support this cause in our annual fundraiser.

Here is a link to a video about the cause:

2013 Annual Pumpkin Patch – Trafalgar School Fundraiser a Great Success!

2013 Annual Pumpkin Patch – Trafalgar School Fundraiser a Great Success!Marty_fundraser-1

This year our team raised a record amount of $1678 for Trafalgar Elementary School in our annual Pumpkin Drive!  As per tradition, after the bins of pumpkins were unloaded from the truck, the excited students populated the patch during their lunch hour with over 350 pumpkins, a dozen bales of hay, cornhusks, and lots of fun Halloween decorations.


Several hundred parents, kids, and clients visited our drive this year to indulge and support. Children enjoyed picking out their favourite pumpkins to take home, enjoyed popcorn and chocolate milk, and played in the pumpkin patch with the Great Pumpkin and a new assortment scary patch monsters, and some kids even paused long enough for some face painting!


Thank you to all those who came out and supported this fun and successful event!!


Team Pospischil Tours the BC Cancer Agency – May 2013

How Fundraising Dollars are Changing Lives

When Doug Nelson, the President and CEO of the BC Cancer Foundation, gave our team a guided tour of the cancer research facilities, we were honoured to receive some first-hand knowledge regarding how the money we raise in the annual Ride to Conquer Cancer is put to use.

We met some of the world’s top researchers who not only provided in depth information about their current projects but they personally answered our many questions.

Agency scientists were working side-by-side with their clinical colleagues, an approach that has helped BC experience the lowest cancer incidence rates and mortality rates in Canada.

We learned that the research facility that we toured represents an amazing $3.5 billion in health care.  Specifically, a portion of the monies raised from last year’s Ride to Conquer Cancer facilitated the purchase of a state-of-the-art PET/CT scanner which allows clinicians to locate cancer cells anywhere in the body.  This purchase, along with an upgrade to their existing scanner, has resulted in reduced wait times and the number of patients able to receive these life-saving scans has more than doubled.

  • Since survival rates are increasing
  • Discoveries are being made every day
  • Many new programs are being introduced and funded to help support patients after their treatment!

Your donations are making a difference!!  Once again, our team is participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer this June and we need your support.

No matter how small, we appreciate your donations.  Numbers add up if we all do even a little towards this great cause.  Please click on the link below to make a tax deductible donation towards a member of our team so we can reach our goal:

Thank you for your support!


STaRS Fundraiser Event – April 2013

Last month, we were pleased to both sponsor and participate in a fundraiser for STaRS, the Southland’s Therapeutic Riding Society. The evening was full of enthusiasm and gaiety, with funds being raised to allow those in financial hardship to partake in these unique therapeutic services.

For someone with a disability, riding a horse is so much more than a fun hobby – it can be the road to recovery. With the use of specially trained horses, therapeutic riding provides physical, psychological and social stimulation to individuals with developmental conditions such as autism and cerebral palsy.

Woman, dog, horse2  Boy on horse with Helpers2

We are delighted to support non-profit organizations such as STaRS which allows those in need to receive the numerous benefits of four-legged therapy, including enjoying the bond created between horse and rider that fosters a lovely, healing trust.

For more information on STaRS, you can visit:

Vienping Children’s Orphanage – December 2012

Marty and his family travel regularly to Thailand and each time they ensure they visit the Viengping Children’s Orphanage in Chiang Mai, which Team Pospischil is proud to support.

In Marty’s own words… “Each trip to Thailand involves us visiting and spending time with the wonderful children at the Viengping Children’s Home.  Over the years, we have sponsored a new water filtration system, school desks, kitchen appliances, and of course reading and writing supplies and food.  Each donation we make to the orphanage is gratefully accepted and goes directly to the children.  Regardless of the situation of each child, they are brimming with happiness and eager to take on the world.  This has been an eye-opener for our young daughter and a reminder for us as to how fortunate we all are back here in Canada to have such a great standard of living and support networks for challenged individuals.  That is not the case in most of the world.  It is so satisfying to have such an impact on so many great kids with what feels like such a small gesture from our standards.  As clients of ours, you make our community support programs possible.  So, from the orphan children of Chiang Mai:  a big Thank You!”Vienping_Childrens_Orphanage

2012 Team Pospischil Sponsors a New X-mas Event in Vancouver

Vancouver Special Children’s Christmas Party – Dec. 2012


This holiday season we were thrilled to sponsor, as well as participate in, a very special Christmas celebration for nearly 2,000 excited children.

The goal of this party is to provide an unforgettable day to children who are affected by life threatening illness, physical or intellectual challenges, domestic violence, or underprivileged circumstances.  After much success for many years throughout Australia and New Zealand, this event was brought for the first time to Vancouver.
The day was an extraordinary one.  Some children were literally trembling with excitement as they came through the doors at Canada Place.

For four fun-filled hours, children soaked everything up, not knowing where to begin!  They indulged in face painting and crafts, and those were able to raced down Pirate slides and bounded through bouncy castles.  Some chose to sit briefly to eat and listen to some live entertainment or watch magicians, while others sought out some quality time with Mickey Mouse or Snow White who were handing out hugs and treats.

And if that weren’t enough, then Santa arrived! After spending time with Santa and his elves, children collected gifts from the magical toy cave which was filled with literally thousands of toys, quite a sight to behold.

We were privileged to be a part of this incredible day that made a difference to so many very special children.  What a truly heart warming experience.
On behalf of our team:  Happy Holidays, everyone!



2012 Pumpkin Drive – Trafalgar School Fundraiser

Trafalgar Pumpkin Drive – Oct. 2012

This year the team and I raised a record $1,580 for Trafalgar Elementary School in our annual Pumpkin Drive! Once the bins of pumpkins were delivered, Trafalgar students were excited to populate the patch during their lunch hour with over 250 pumpkins, along with bales of hay, cornhusks, and lots of Halloween decorations. Several hundred parents, kids and clients visited our drive this year and even the weather showed up for us as the day progressed. Children enjoyed picking out their favourite pumpkins to take home, indulging in popcorn and chocolate milk, playing in the pumpkin patch with the Great Pumpkin and scary patch monsters, and some kids even paused long enough for some face painting!

Thank you to all those who came out and supported this fun and successful event!!


2012 Gran Fondo – from Vancouver to Whistler

Team Marty Pospischil Tackles the Gran Fondo Whistler – September 2012

On September 8th, Team Pospischil partook in the Gran Fondo Whistler, a 122 km bike ride up the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler.

Here’s the team, primed and excited to launch, at the start line in downtown Vancouver:

Team MartyCheck out the number of cyclists in the street at the starting line!

Team MartyOur team rode with over 6,000 cyclists, including two-time Olympic triathlon medalist Simon Whitfield.  The visually stunning ride spanned 1,700 metres of elevation and including some gruelling climbs. Everyone was pretty happy to relax and quaff some Whistler Brewing Co. beer alongside some pulled pork and turkey sandwiches afterward!

Team Marty

This ride is one of many ways Team Pospischil stays fit between their annual two-day bike ride from Vancouver to Seattle as they raise funds each year in the Ride to Conquer Cancer.  Just last week the team had a 70km training ride up to the top of Cypress Mountain which is a 1,350 metre climb.  They continue to enjoy team outings, being physically fit, and challenging themselves with training rides in preparation for the Ride to Conquer Cancer 2013!