Fall landscapingWhen a person is selling their home, they often tend to focus completely on the interior. After all, the living space is what the person is buying, right? What sellers tend to forget is that a buyer is interested in the property as a whole, and that includes the outward appearance of the house.

By paying particular attention to the outside of your home, you can make a buyer’s heart melt before they even walk through the door. Focus on simple and clean design choices for your outdoor areas to create the most appeal. Here are some tips and strategies to achieve this effect.

Clear it Out

Just as is the case with home decorating choices, clutter is bad. Too much stimulation can lead the brain to associating the entire space with junk, even if it is just a few random items that cause this sentiment.

Your yard is no exception. Pick a few trees, plants and shrubs to preserve and gut out the rest. Learn to identify invasive species such as privet, blackberry or other weeds and target these especially. Do not hesitate to cut down anything when in doubt, plants with established root systems can grow back quickly.

Make sure to begin this process several months before you start showing your home. This gives you a chance to have leaf and limb pickup taken care of so there will not be a pile of dead plants swallowing your front lawn.

Make an Entrance

Many people neglect to keep their front walkway clear. If you use a side entrance, then the front may be obscured by overgrown bushes. Trim these out of the way and get them down to a manageable size.

You will want to get rid of any tree saplings or large plants growing too close to the house, as these can end up hurting the home’s structure once the roots and branches become large enough. Plants growing against a home can also attract bugs and other pests.

Mulch is your Friend

Your entire yard does not have to be green grass; pick some areas to designate as plant beds and begin spreading mulch around them. You should also consider creating a planting area close to your front entrance.

Use a mulch that contrasts with the other colors of your house to create a pleasing contrast. Black mulch looks especially great next to bright colors. Also, make sure to use an edge or barrier to keep the mulch from washing away during the rain.

Add Some Plants

Add some fresh plants to the front of the house to immediately catch the buyer’s eye. If you have successfully eliminated the excess plants from around the sides of the house, these flowers and decorative bushes will stand out as a way to showcase your house from the curb.

There are many other ways to amplify the natural beauty of your Vancouver West Side real estate property. To find an experienced listing agent who can help advise you on beautifying your home even further, visit our selling page.