spa-like bathroom

Buyers often look at a home’s bathroom as a measure of its quality and livability. Along with bedrooms and the kitchen, it is one of the most important factors when viewing a home.

To make your bathroom not only memorable but downright stunning to view during a home showing, consider giving it a professional touch. Spa-like bathrooms are becoming trendy, especially amongst affluent buyers.

Now that Vancouver Westside real estate prices are climbing higher than ever, help give your home an edge in the pricing game by adding these features to your master bathroom.

Create a Bold, Cohesive Look

Professional spas often have a very deliberate style that evokes a sensation of relaxation. Use a subdued palette in neutral or earth tones with a limited amount of colors.

Employ Natural Finishes

Finished materials in a spa are often very simplistic, yet rich in natural beauty. Choose finishes that echo this theme, such as natural stone tile or dark woods.

Get the Lighting Right

One of the most important components of a spa is its deliberate use of subdued lighting. Install several small ceiling lights in your bathroom hooked to a dimmer switch.

To add a bit of usefulness as well as drama, install brighter lights at the top of the mirror to help with putting on makeup. You could even invest in an industrial style task light that can give your bathroom that professional touch.

Build a Walk In Shower

Bathrooms, especially ones in higher end homes, have begun to separate the bathtub and shower to maximize the utility of both. Baths usually consist of free standing tubs in these homes, while showers are like a room unto themselves.

Larger showers are created with tile floors and walls, with either an open or a closed design. Closed showers typically use large glass panels to enclose one or more sides with swinging glass doors for entry and exit. Open showers have the bather walk around a “baffle” to preserve heat and partially conceal them.

Buy a Quality Shower Head

A shower is only as good as its shower head. Modern designs have luxurious flow options that can mimic torrential downpours or a gentle waterfall. Some showers even have advanced head systems installed into the walls, with a control panel that dictates temperature, angle and color.

Chic Storage

Spas are all about minimalism and keeping out clutter. Use bamboo baskets or tasteful furniture to store towels and sundries.

With these tips you are almost certain to create a bathroom that will impress. For more advice on ways to increase the potential value and appeal of your home, visit our buying page.