Selling your home begins the moment a prospective buyer sees it from the road. They will have an immediate first impression; they know that everyone else’s first impression will be similar should they decide to buy.

Make the most of this crucial moment by putting your best foot forward from the front door to the roadside. Here are some ideas that will increase your home’s visual appeal from a distance:

Windows to the Soul

Just like the old adage about your eyes, your home’s windows can communicate a great deal about its demeanor. Your windows should be bright, cheery and clean to send the best message.

  • Pull back any curtains you may have and let as much light travel through your windows as possible. Rearrange any furniture to avoid blocking sunlight if necessary.
  • Dust off the sill, frame and sash until they are completely clean, both inside and out. If your window frame is severely stained or the paint is chipping, give it a fresh coat in a pleasing color.
  • Clean your windows as thoroughly as possible.
  • Remove any storm windows, screens or removable sashes to get into all the crevices.
  • Buy a squeegee device to ensure that there will be no streaks.
  • Look at your window from multiple angles. Sometimes you cannot see streaks unless the light hits the glass just right.

Make Your Door Like New

Many home owners completely forget about their front door because they use a side or garage entrance most of the time. When a buyer sees a home, the door becomes representative to them about the state of the house in general. Let your door send a clear, positive message by looking fresh and presentable.

  • Refinish or stain an older wooden finish door. Give a painted door a fresh coat in an eye-catching color, especially if it has not been painted in the past few years.
  • Rehang your door if it has trouble sitting in its frame or sticks. Replace your door if it is deteriorating. Home owners in most regions seem to prefer steel doors, but wooden panelled ones work great for colder regions like Vancouver. The wood will expand and contract along with the weather.
  • Give your door some new hardware like black hammered steel or shiny brass knockers and handles. These accoutrements will compliment your door as well as the entire porch areat.

There are even more ways to amplify your home’s curb appeal. We will cover some of them in part II of this post.

For other great advice that will help sell your home, you should seek out a qualified real estate agent. They can help you sell your Vancouver Westside real estate property in a reasonable time frame and at a fair price. Take a look at our selling page to find out more.