curb appeal

Our last post emphasized the importance of your home’s first impression from a distance. We suggested several projects for sprucing up your exterior. Here are some more ideas that increase curb appeal and get home buyers interested from the moment they arrive.

Make a Grand Entrance

Along with a new or new-looking door, your front porch or stoop area should communicate a welcoming feel.

  • Get a new address plate. Choose something classic like brass-plated serif numbers or ceramic numbers that charm buyers.
  • Install a porch light if you do not have one. If you do have one, make sure that it is in good condition, dust and dirt free, with a bright, warm light bulb.
  • Purchase some cheerful potted plants.
  • If you have the space, add a small sitting area that suggests the porch is a pleasant place to linger.

A Path to Ownership

The front walkway is equally important to the front entrance. It guides the home viewers to the front door and creates cohesion between the lawn and the entrance way.

  • Clear away any obstructions so that visitors will be able to walk side by side on the path without bumping into plants or other objects.
  • Make sure there is a clear line of sight from the start of the path to the front steps.
  • Line the path with something subtle like a plant bed, a hanging address placard or a piece or two of tasteful lawn art.
  • Solar-powered LED lawn lights are simple to install and look great. Even if you are showing your home during daylight, they send the message that buyers will have excellent visibility at night.
  • If you do not have a concrete path, add large stepping stones to guide visitors.

Mailbox Majesty

The mailbox essentially acts as the entrance marker to your driveway. Make sure that your mailbox sends a positive message about your house so people pulling up will have an immediate impression.

  • If your mailbox is the slightest bit dented or damaged, replace it. Mailboxes are generally inexpensive and simple to install.

Avoid generic-looking green plastic models. Everyone else will have them and they are far from unique. You will also want to avoid being too “quirky” with mailboxes that look like animals or are too decorative. Not everyone has the same tastes.

  • A mailbox in good condition should receive an extra coat of paint or something like a new flag or address numbers.
  • Plant flowers or decorative vines around your mailbox to designate it as a separate space.

With these projects completed, anyone who comes to visit your Vancouver Westside real estate property will be impressed before they pull into the driveway. To find an expert real estate agent that can assist you in selling your home, take a look at our selling page.