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Sometimes you just cannot afford to wait for an old house to sell before moving into a new home. Perhaps you started a new job, or maybe you wanted to get the kids moved in time to start a new school year.

Whatever the reason, you now have a home for sale that is potentially hundreds of miles away. Luckily, with a few adjustments you can sell your home without any extra hassle. Here are some suggestions to make that happen.

Leave the House in Ship Shape

You are going to be quite busy when you are moving out. Place cosmetic maintenance on your priority list. Give your house a final walkthrough before you leave. Check for any scuff marks or nails holes that can create a bad impression.

If you have the time, a fresh coat of paint on the walls in a neutral color can restore any damage from time or regular wear and tear. Deep clean any carpets to keep them smelling nice once the house is vacant.

Maintain Curb Appeal

Before you leave, get the lawn and front entrance looking nicely situated. You will want to find a way to have someone go over it again while you’re gone for it to remain that way.

Hire a trusted neighbor or lawn care company to come by and trim your lawn, rake leaves or shovel snow. Let them take care of anything else that may be required to prevent your home from slipping into a neglected state.

Keep Your Old Home Safe

Nothing can kill a potential sale like a buyer pulling up to see that the home was broken into. If you have a security system, make sure it is operating before you leave. If not, at the very least install a security light. You can politely ask the neighbors to keep an eye out for anything suspicious as well.

Consider Leaving Some Furniture for Staging

If possible, do not take every single piece of furniture with you. A bare home can make for a harder sell; it may cause the space to look smaller and less “put together.”

A great backup plan would be to take high-quality photos of your furnished home in an organized state. Opt for larger printouts for the best effect.

Find a Reliable Agent Who Will Stay in Touch

Since you will be out of town, your agent will have to serve as an ambassador of sorts. They will have to keep you informed of any views, suggestions and developments that arise during the selling process.

For an agent that can work with you to get your house sold, even over long distances, look to us. We have years of experience selling Vancouver Westside real estate, and we would love to be of assistance. Visit our selling page to find out more about how we can help.